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Specialists in Risk Management and Insurance Specifically for Breweries and Brewpubs

Beer and brewing are your passions. It’s a part of you. You are authorities in creating beers that people love to drink and your craft is as much of an art as it is a science.

Folks in the beer industry speak their own language and use words such as “sparging,” “hop nose,” and “dopplebock.”  How do we know this? Because not only are we experts in this category, but our president Chris Ballard is a home brewer himself.

The risk management world also has it’s own confusing language. And that’s where we come in. We will work closely with you to translate the difficult jargon of insurance into words you understand…so if the worst happens you will have the knowledge you need after a loss.

Our brokers know the beer industry inside and out and will work closely with you to craft a risk management and insurance program designed around your unique “risk profile.”  This includes identifying exposures to loss, determining risk tolerance levels and figuring out what is truly important.

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So how are we different?

Typically, the risk management and insurance process is viewed as transactional and impersonal. Your broker shows up, asks some questions, and delivers your renewal quotes. Done.

Unlike our competitors, we specialize in the beer industry and the uniqueness of what makes your business tick. Further, we implement a personalized strategy, which involves a detailed analysis of your risks, your concerns and your goals. We strive to be a member of your advisory board and a trusted adviser to your business.

Usually we begin by meeting with the owners, CFOs and Facility Managers (and we know, in a small brewery, these are often the same people!) and discuss your operations. This includes touring the facility, often taking photographs or videos of areas of interest or concern. Next we will discuss any problems you have had in the past, your goals for the organization, and how we can help.

After our initial meeting, we will develop a plan to address your concerns. Together, we will review the plan and decide if it makes sense for us to move forward.

In other words, we’re not like any risk management or insurance company you’ve ever worked with.



Our President, Chris Ballard, has dabbled in home brewing for many years, and enjoys exploring the huge variety of local and regional microbrews available in the Pacific Northwest. His other passion is risk management and insurance and helping companies make sure that if a catastrophe occurred, the business could continue on.

One sunny afternoon, Chris was enjoying a beer at a local pub with a client. It occurred to him that he could mix his passion for beer and insurance together — and was born. is a wholly owned division of The Ballard Agency, Inc., headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. The Ballard Agency was founded in 1963 by Daniel F. Ballard and has served the risk management and insurance needs for the Pacific Northwest since.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend The Ballard Agency to anyone seeking a competent partner to help manage risk.”

– John Robertson, Founder, Bellevue Brewing Company

917 Kirkland Avenue

(425) 454-3510


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